Adoption Process

You would like to adopt an animal, what happens next?

At Animal Concern Cumbria we do our best to ensure we rehome our animals with the best match of people and home environment for their needs. We undertake our prospective adopters' assessments seriously and carefully and we ask you to give us as much information as possible about your circumstances, family, lifestyle etc. this helps us identify the right animal for you and ensure a lasting good relationship between you and your furry friend.

Adoption Enquiry Form & Matching to an Animal

  • Upon receipt of your adoption enquiry form the Animal Care Team cross references your information against the animals we have for rehoming.
  • Once we have completed the initial matching check, we will contact you either to discuss your information further or to notify you there is no match identified at this time. If there is no immediate match, we will offer to keep your enquiry on file for 6 months in the event we are able to reverse match with another animal that comes to us for rehoming. If you do not wish for us to do this, please tell us, we can remove your information from this listing at any time you ask.
  • If you are a potential match, we will contact you to arrange a home check, this may be virtual or at your home. Where possible, please ensure that everyone living in the house, or who will have regular contact with the animal is present for the home check, including any children and existing pets.

Home Check, Home Trial

  • A home check is required to ensure your home, family and lifestyle circumstances meet the needs of the animal we are rehoming. We will look around your home, particularly the outside area checking it is secure and appropriate for the animal and we will ask a set of standardised questions. All the information we gather is confidential and only for the use of ACC (Animal Concern Cumbria) in its rehoming process.
  • Once the team have reviewed the information, we will contact you to give our feedback and the outcome. If interest was for a particular animal and the home check is not suitable, another animal (if appropriate) may be discussed with you. If there is no animal match, we offer to hold your enquiry on file for 6 months in the event a different animal comes into our care which may meet your criteria.
  • If you are successful at the home check stage, the team will arrange Meet and Greets, these are always carried out at our animal rehoming centre and we hold as many meets as deemed necessary in the best interests of the animal. Everyone who would be a guardian and any other associated pets would need to meet the animal. It may be necessary to arrange further interactions, for example if a dog has not been around cats and you have one in the household. All requirements, recommendations, or any further information needed by the team to give them a fuller picture to ensure a best match, will be discussed with you.
  • There may be an occasion where we would recommend a Home Trial - dogs only, this would be to assess the animal and the family interactions in the home. As this can be a stressful time for animals, we recommend a minimum of 3 night's stay to allow the dog time to decompress, relax and show its personality.
  • In the event a Home Trial is agreed the prospective adopter must sign a Home-Trial Agreement, which contains the terms and conditions of the trial. No trial can be arranged unless the agreement is accepted and signed.


  • Once it has been agreed between ACC and the prospective adopters that the match is good, the handover of the animal will be arranged. This is always made at our rehoming centre.
  • At the handover we provide a pack with information of the animal, their blanket, toys and other items that will help them settle in their new home.
  • Shortly after the adoption we will follow up with a phone call, usually the next day, in the first week of rehoming and periodically thereafter to see how your animal is settling in and to offer any assistance if needed.
  • We ask for photos and video updates of your new furry friend enjoying their new life with you. These help to promote the work of the charity and helps us to rehome other animals. These can be emailed to or sent via WhatsApp on 07712 330829. By providing these you agree to ACC using them on our social media.

Animal Concern Cumbria do not charge a fee for adoptions; however, we appreciate donations to cover the costs of caring for and providing vet treatments such as neutering, vaccinating, flea & worming etc. These donations help us to continue supporting animals.

Our key aim is to help you find the right animal for your particular circumstances and in that we will give honest and open feedback to help you understand our decisions. At any point in this process please raise any queries or concerns you may have and ask questions, we want you to have a good experience with ACC, to fully understand what happens, where you are in the process and what are the next steps.