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  • Status - Available
  • Breed - Lurcher
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 8 Months
  • Neutered - No
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Dog Friendly- Yes
  • Cat Friendly - No
  • Household with children over 10 Years


Say hi to our lovely Floyd, an 8mnth lurcher (greyhound x staffie). To give you an idea of his size he weighs around 22kg.

Floyd has lots of energy so is needing a home that can provide lots of physical and mental stimulation.  He is playful, love cuddles and attention, zoomies round the garden and is a happy dog.  He will need a spacious, well fenced garden to burn off some of his energy. Walks nicely to heal which needs to be encouraged as can be excitable and strong meeting other dogs. He's looking for adopters who understand dogs body language and how to have positive introductions and interactions.

Floyd will need adopters who will continue his training.  He is keen and eager to learn and responds well to positive fun based training. He will need varied activities to tire him mentally and physically. He settles well indoors, loves to snuggle on the sofa and sleeps through the night.

He is not used to being left alone much and may well bark. Looking for a home where he can be taken into work or have support helping with his daycare while he learns being left alone is nothing to worry about.

He will be able to live with another dog subject to introductions going well. Being exuberant we would only consider a home with older children 10yrs+. He loves his walks but would need to be kept safely on a lead around livestock.

   Boomer ball playtime

    Snuffle mat playtime

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