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  • Status - Available
  • Breed - Collie X Standard Poodle
  • Sex - Male
  • Age - 1yr 1mnth
  • Neutered - No
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Microchipped - Yes
  • Dog Friendly- Yes
  • Cat Friendly - No
  • Household with children over 8 years


Introducing Freddy, a sweet young fella on the lookout for his forever home. 

Freddy is a daft lad, young and silly as most his age are. He is a bit of a nervous boy - especially when meeting new people. It doesn't take him long to warm up to them though, especially if they have yummy treats! He will need humans who are willing to attend a few meet and greets to get to know him before we would consider moving on to adoption. 

Freddy is looking for a fun home with humans around most of the time helping him settle in. He is crate trained, house trained and we're working on his confidence getting in and out of the car. Just before coming to us Freddy was in a car accident and took a bump to the head, vets have given him the all clear but he's still a bit wary of vehicles. 

He will need a secure garden with tall fences to stop him hopping over and taking himself for a wander. He loves to play with toys and is keen to make friends with other dogs and play with them too. He can be a bit boisterous when playing with other pooches so a well socialised older dog who could show him the ropes would be nice, or even dog friends who he can go for walks with. 

Due to his young age, Freddy will need humans who are willing to carry on his training and help continue to build his confidence. We have made the decision not to neuter him just yet due to his nervous personality but adopters will have to sign an agreement to neuter for when he's older and more well rounded. 

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