Cumbrian Tom Cats

Neutering Voucher Scheme during March 2024

Cumbrian Tom Cats

If you have a tom cat and live in Cumbria, you may be eligible for assistance towards microchipping & neutering.  You will only pay the vets £10.00 (neutering only) or £15.00 (if also microchipping).

Neutering is important for their welfare, preventing accidental litters or irresponsible breeding. People can acquire cats and kittens with good intentions having not considered neutering costs.

Eligibility criteria

Members of the Cumbrian public in receipt of any of the following means-tested benefits: 

  • Universal credit, income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, pension credit, income-based ESA, income based JSA, working tax credits and child tax credits.
  • Have a household annual income of less than £25,000 (before tax).
  • Are a full-time student living away from home.


  • All cats under the scheme must be microchipped and registered. The Veterinary Practice must register microchips to the owner.
  • Excludes feral, farm and stray cats.

Neutering complications

  • Animal Concern will pay a maximum of £150 for neutering complications that occur during or after the operation, for example hernia repair and wound breakdown. 

Voucher Completion

  • The owner or representative must complete their full details and sign the voucher. The phone number, email and postcode must always be completed for microchip registration. 

Multi households

  • Animal Concern Cumbria will cover up to two tom cats from one family.
  • Vouchers are not to be used to support proactive breeding.

Ferals, farm and stray cats

  • Neutering only*, they are not microchipped but must be ear-tipped as a condition of funding.
  • These are unowned cats.  Confirmation of "found" location to be provided.
  • More than one stray cat will require authorisation from the Charity by the Veterinary Practice. 

How to apply & what does the owner pay

  • The owner pays only £10.00 (per cat) towards the cost of neutering & £15.00 (per cat) if microchipping & neutering.  This is paid directly to the Vets. 
  • The animal must be both microchipped* and neutered under the scheme (*excludes farm/feral/strays, neutering only).
  • Apply via our Website completing the form and including evidence of your eligibility (to be dated within the last month).
  • Confirmation of eligibility and voucher payment will be emailed back to the owner along with a voucher.
  • Cat owners/representatives MUST complete and sign the declaration section themselves and present to the Vets at the time of the appointment. 

Limited availability

Download Eligiblity Request Form