Make a Donation

All donations received are warmly welcomed to help us continue to look after and find homes for the animals in our care. We try to keep overheads to a minimum but we do have a few staff members. We welcome donations large and small – donations are handled securely by PayPal but you do not need an account to make a payment (you can use a credit or debit card).

Donate When You Buy or Sell on eBay

Animal Concern Cumbria is a registered charity with Missionfish which enables eBay sellers to donate a percentage of the proceeds of a sale from 10% to 100% to the charity and buyers to make a donation at the checkout. Just search their registered charities and accept Animal Concern Cumbria as one of your ‘Favourite’ charities. eBay, Missionfish and PayPal will then guide you through the process.

Use Charity Search Engine “Everyclick”

Donate for free with every click of your mouse when you use the Everyclick search engine instead of Google. To find out more, register for Everyclick and choose Animal Concern Cumbria as your charity to support.