Hensingham Helping Hero's - Year 2 Bright Stars Project

June 2021

As part of their Bright Stars Project, the Year 2 pupils of Hensingham Primary School chose to support Animal Concern Cumbria by raising funds through a Pet Food Raffle and a Pet Parade with face painting and a tombola.  

Not only did they raise money for charity, they really made a difference to their local community by bringing people together and supporting each other. They learned how to look after animals, run a marketing campaign, organise an event, share information, use social media, budget, speak with our mentors, conduct Teams interviews and most of all how great helping others really makes you feel.   They have started something special and will continue to make a difference even though the project has come to an end.  

Thank you to all the staff and pupils for their amazing support raising £583.88 to go towards vet bedding for the cattery and kennels.