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  • Animal Concern Cumbria cannot guarantee that any animal seen on this website will be suitable for an individual prospective adopter.
  • The animals displayed here are currently in our care. They have differing needs and can only be matched to a new home once our team and the prospective adopter has undergone the full adoption process. Please be aware that under no circumstances can we reserve an animal until both the home assessment and Meet and Greet stages have been completed. Please note you have to be 18 years old or over to rehome an Animal Concern Cumbria animal and in some cases 21 years of age to rehome a guarding breed.
  • Animals are rehomed from our centre seven days a week. Although this site is regularly updated, there may be occasions when an animal appearing on the website has already been rehomed.
  • Animal Concern Cumbria cannot accept responsibility for the temperament of any animal once it has been rehomed. All animals are rehomed at our discretion and we reserve the right to refuse an application to rehome a dog or cat without reason.
  • All Animal Concern Cumbria animals are given health and temperament assessments. This gives us an insight into their character and enables us to make a considered decision as to which type of home would be best for the animal. However, once a pet has settled into a new home, his or her behaviour can sometimes alter. Animal Concern Cumbria can only assess an animal on the behaviour it displays while in our care. Animal Concern Cumbria's Animal Care Team are able to offer support and behaviour advice to owners of ex-ACC animals. Please contact ACCanimalteam@animalconcerncumbria.org for further information.

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You can also support Animal Concern Cumbria by giving monthly via text message.

After you agree to a monthly gift via SMS we'll send you a message that you’ll need to respond to in order to activate your monthly donation.

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Each month after that, you will get a free text as a reminder, the day before your monthly donation is due. If you're happy to give then you don't need to do anything and you'll be charged as usual. However you can choose to skip a month by texting the word SKIP to 70480 within 24 hours. If you do that, we won't take the donation that month - you will just incur one standard network rate text message.

After deduction of network/service provider costs, Animal Concern Cumbria receives 51% of each monthly donation. If you want to stop giving altogether then you can text STOP to 70480 or call Donr on 0333 4444 111 within 24 hours of receiving your monthly reminder message.