Why you should make a Will and how a legacy can help Animal Concern Cumbria

Thanks to generous legacies in 2014 we were able to purchase land and property near Egremont.  In 2021 thanks to a substantial legacy and smaller legacies and donations we are refurbing our centre and adding new builds for an indoor dog area and bringing a cattery onsite.  Legacies also help us plan our future with confidence.

Whilst it is not always easy to think about making your Will, it is the only way you can be absolutely sure that your estate will pass to those you wish to benefit. By leaving clear and precise instructions about the disposal of your estate, you also save your loved ones from unnecessary distress at a time when they need to be allowed to grieve.

If you do not leave a valid Will, your estate will be dealt with under the statutory intestacy rules. This means that your property and possessions may pass to people you did not wish to benefit, or even to the Crown. Whatever you may have said or thought about who you'd like to leave your estate to, the law will only recognise a valid Will.

It is advisable to use a solicitor. They will help you to leave clear and unambiguous instructions about your Estate, including any charity bequests you wish to make. It is extremely important that your will has the correct details of the charity and especially its Registered Charity number. This ensures there can be no confusion when dealing with your wishes.

If you have an animal, ensure provisions are made in your Will for them.

Thank you for supporting Animal Concern Cumbria, registered charity 1161354.