Animal Concern Cumbria is a registered charity operating throughout Cumbria. The charity was founded in 1982. A committee of elected trustees are responsible for the overall management of the charity whilst the individual branches assume responsibility for local rescue, fostering, homing and fundraising activities.

Animal Concern Cumbria endeavours to help neglected or unwanted animals and arrange for the provision of good homes for them. We then maintain an interest in the animal’s welfare and will take any animal back if required. We can also offer advice and provide contacts for other services such as training, grooming, behaviourists and general advice.

The objectives of the organisation shall be to promote kindness and to supress cruelty to animals and to attend generally to the welfare of all animals in need of care and protection. Further to the above the charity shall have power

  • To help neglected or unwanted animals and to arrange for the provision of good homes for them;
  • To release an animal to an approved home only, to maintain an interest in its welfare and to take it back into the care of the charity if the owner is unable to care for it in a proper manner;
  • To refrain from selling any animal and from destroying an animal except on the advice of a veterinary surgeon;
  • To cooperate with other organisations concerned with the welfare of animals;
  • To do all such other things as are necessary to achieve these objectives.

The day to day work of Animal Concern Cumbria is carried out by volunteers. They are on call to respond to where animals need help or where people need help to care for their animals.

Animal Concern Cumbria relies on membership subscriptions, gifts, legacies, voluntary contributions for adopted animals and fundraising activities by supporters for finances. Each year the charity’s costs for running are over £200,000. Only about 3% of our income is spent on administration, the rest goes directly to feeding and looking after the animals in our care.

The charity does not sell animals and will only ever have an animal put to sleep on the advice of multiple veterinarians and if there are no other options for the animal. We also work together with the RSPCA and some other organizations within Cumbria to help rescue animals.

Animal Concern Cumbria, The First 30 Years

Animal Concern Cumbria, The First 30 Years Booklet

In 2011 we celebrated our 30th year as a charity and produced a booklet reflecting on our 30 year history. View the booklet in PDF form by clicking the thumbnail.

Releasing an Animal into Our Care

If you are unable to care for your pet(s) for any reason, have come across a stray or abandoned pet or just need some advice regarding rehoming animals, you should contact one of our main numbers. We may not always be in a position to help you immediately as our foster homes are often quite full, but we can add your details to a waiting list (with your consent) and find a space as soon as possible. We often try to rehome pet(s) while they remain in your care; this can help reduce kennel stress for dogs and excessive changes for all animals. If we do choose a home-to-home adoption you will not be required to host any visits in your home, following an animal assessment all meet and greets take place at our centres.

We will ultimately require you to sign a release agreement, handing the care of the pet(s) over to Animal Concern Cumbria.

In an emergency we would always suggest contacting the RSPCA or local dog warden for immediate assistance.