Farm/Barn Cats

Feral / Farm Cats



Some cats are most suited to live an independent outdoor lifestyle. These cats maybe known as feral, farm, barn, stable, yard or outdoor cats. 

Some types of homes they might like to live at include stables, farms, nursing homes, garden centre, large gardens with shelter.  They need a home where they have the freedom to roam, where they can maintain some distance from people, if they choose to and where they are supported with food, water, shelter and the veterinary care they need as their "guardian".

These cats may have lived for a long time as a stray and aren't familiar or comfortable being close to people or it may relate to their early experiences or genetics, or perhaps they have come from a feral colony being past the age of socialisation.  Whatever the reason, we look to find them their purrfect home.

If you would consider being a guardian, please fill in our adoption enquiry form.

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