World Spay Day

February 2020

Four Cumbrian Animal Charities are working together to increase awareness about the importance of neutering your cat. This follows a year in which all four animal charities were overwhelmed with the huge number of unwanted and unplanned litters of kittens in our region. Recent research has shown that 70% of litters in the UK are unplanned which can be solved through timely neutering of your pet.  Oak Tree Animals' Charity, Animal Rescue Cumbria, Animal Concern Cumbria and RSPCA Westmorland have focussed their campaign to coincide with World Spay Day which, this year is on 25th February 2020.

Oak Tree Animals' Charity and RSPCA Westmorland run voucher schemes supporting cat neutering for those struggling financially. Animal Concern Cumbria are also running a neuter voucher scheme on 25th February. For information about this support please contact the individual charity concerned in your area of Cumbria.