Action for Animals

Friday, 14th May 2021

DEFRA's Action Plan for Animal Welfare

DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) have published their Animal Welfare document #ActionForAnimals, their document outlines their key reforms.

Pets are central to so many families, ensuring their welfare is protected and that sporting animals are cared for responsibly.  Topics mentioned are

  • End the abhorrent, cruel practice of puppy smuggling and low-welfare pet imports
  • Pet theft
  • Compulsory cat microchipping as as campaigned for via the ‘Tuk’s Law’ movement
  • Prioritise the health and welfare of dogs by prohibiting the importation and non-commercial movement of dogs into Great Britain that have been subject to low welfare practices, such as ear cropping or tail docking 
  • ‘Petfished' campaigns which educate the public on how to source dogs and cats
  • Pursue the licensing of animal sanctuaries, rescue and rehoming centres including for cats, dogs and horses
  • Equine identification
  • Ban remote controlled electronic training collars (‘e-collars’)
  • Further protections for racing greyhounds
  • Ensure the horse racing sector addresses key animal welfare issues
  • Ensure that dangerous dogs legislation continues to provide effective public safety controls
  • Continue to commit to maintaining high standards of protection where procedures are undertaken on live animals for scientific or educational purposes

A copy of their published document can be found via their website at: