Kennel Block Rebuild

Thursday, 4th January 2024

Charity looking to rebuild run down kennel block

Animal Concern Cumbria (ACC) has applied to Cumberland Council to make the changes at its base at the Mary Irwin Centre in Marlborough Lonning.

The proposed unit would be a modular construction and, according to a design statement, the current kennel block is the original unit when the rehoming site was bought 2014.

It states: "At the time of a major site redevelopment in 2021, the scope of work on the kennels was limited to refurbishment only.

"This was due to the requirements for the block demolition, and ground works, causing significant delays to obtaining full planning permission.

"The management team therefore decided to postpone a full redevelopment of the kennel block until the other major site works were complete and operations could resume."

The work which was carried out enabled the ACC to take in dogs for rehoming, but organisers were aware that the accommodation would require an upgrade to bring the kennels up to an acceptable standard to fully meet new regulatory requirements.

In 2022 the costs for the project were estimated at between £60,000 and £70,000.

The report states: "Since the surface repairs and upgrades have been completed there has been further degradation of the main unit structure and grounds which are now causing serious issues to the building fabric.

"The surface coatings of the concrete floors are lifting due to the crumbling and splitting of the main concrete base, the walls are also crumbling and the gaps are attracting vegetation into the dog areas.

"The kennel surface deterioration is making cleaning and maintenance impossible. Flaking paint from the concrete from the floors impacts directly on the welfare and safety of the dogs in situ.

"Further general work on the kennels is neither practical nor cost effective and a waste of valuable resources.

"The management team have considered this at length and are of the view that full demolition with a rebuild of a modern, up-to-date kennel block is a more pragmatic option."

According to the document the development would provide a modern sound, safe, secure and fit-for-purpose unit which would increase significantly on the original aims of the refurbishment.

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