Available- Cane Corso

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  • Status - Available
  • Breed - Cane Corso
  • Sex - Female
  • Age - 2-4 years
  • Neutered - Appt booked
  • Vaccinated - Yes
  • Microchipped - Yes
  • Dog Friendly- No
  • Cat Friendly - No
  • Household with children over 13 years


Say a huge welcome, to our big softie. Ivy is a lucky lady coming to us from stray kennels with her days numbered, but we happened to have an Ivy shaped space here at ACC.

As Ivy came from stray kennels, we didn’t know much about her, but boy did she soon make a big impression. This girl LOVESSSS to snuggle and absolutely try her best to be a lap dog, it’s her favourite thing in the entire world, so be prepared to be squished by 33kg of love. She truly is a companion dog who wants to be pampered like the princess she is. She’s a sensible girl who’s no bother when hanging out with us in our office, so we suspect she’ll be a good girl in the home too. Ivy isn’t super into her toys, she prefers people, but when she wants to play be sure to watch out for her bulldozing zoomies! Sadly Ivy's ears and tail were cropped and docked prior to coming into our care, which can make her look menacing to some, especially when she has her Cane Corso strut on, but she’s a big baby really.

Due to having no background on Ivy, we’re looking for a home with owners experienced in large breeds and no children under 13yrs.  Since coming to us we’ve noticed Ivy can be reactive to dogs when out walking, but as we have no history, we don’t know whether this is a new issue due to such a drastic change in circumstance, or whether it may be long term.  A home where owners are willing to work through this issue with Ivy is a MUST.  She has already improved notably with consistent training in our care and guidance will be given to adopters.

Please note Ivy is 33kg of muscle, so requires an owner who is physically capable of walking her. 

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